Anything for a change. Why not a Mendocino motor.
My son said "bet you can't make one of these".  OK - I fell for it.  It has been a fascinating diversion while I wait for radio parts on order.  The only grizzle is the cost of neodymium magnets which do allow a good performance.
Here is the result, and yes - we must build another but prettier one.
The 'styrene on the RH pic is only temporary, to maintain correct separation.

WARNING. Neodymium magnets are NOT toys. Do not let children near them. Magnets like those used here are VERY strong. Let loose they can fly faster than you can catch and on impact they can shatter into small bits. They can pinch fingers, fetch blood, and totally wreck credit cards and TV sets etc. Be warned.
Otherwise they are wonderful.

Not really intended to be a set of plans but most handy people could fill in the gaps and build one of these.  It is not difficult.  The bearing plate on the right needs to be a hard glossy surface, the point on the axle also must be hard. Ball point pens are seen used. I used a stainless steel pointer against a brass plate. 
The two magnets on the shaft are vertically mis-aligned with the base magnets slightly towards the bearing plate, about a mm. This drives the shaft into the plate.  Mine is adjustable because I didn't know how much shift was needed.
The magnets are available in NZ from Magnets NZ, Bush Road, Albany. The Solar panels I got from Futurlec.
Here is a drawing to give a rough idea.
Click on the pics to see better.
My motor will run on very low light, it doesn't need direct sunlight. A fascinating toy.
Well- someone had to ask!! The wires.